Fagioli SPMT

Rehabilitation of Fagioli SPMT Vehicles
Zingametall (Singapore)
Headed By: Shanmuga Sundaram

Project Fagioli was implemented simply due to the fact that the SPMT vehicle needed rehabilitation. The Top and Sides of the Vehicles were corroded and needed to be blasted and coated with Zinga and thereafter PU top-coated.

The entire Zingametall (Singapore) team was responsible for the rehabilitation process and had been guided by our Head Engineer, Mr. Shanmuga Sundaram. The whole process kicked off by placing the SPMT on site, and blasting the Top and Sides of the Vehicles at a proper SA 2.5 standard with a surface profile of at least Rz 70 microns. This was done with the use of the SATBlast Dustless Vapour Blasting machine and the Abrablast (Recycled Glass) Abrasive. Next, the surface was then applied with Zinga with a minimum of 100 microns DFT by an airless spray. 

Zinga when cured has a unique property in which it allows surfaces to be welded on or fabricated and coated with no consequence to corrosion protection!

The SPMT Vehicles were then PU Top-coated all over with a minimum thickness of 80 microns DFT. The mist coat followed by the full coat technique was used during the Top-coating process. A final DFT check was then implemented where a minimum coating thickness of 180 microns DFT was specified. 

The final rehabilitation of Fagioli SPMT Vehicles were fully coated and were ready to use as it was blasted and coated on-site. A warranty of 10 Years was issued to Fagioli for their SPMT Vehicles. 

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