Project Schlumberger

Fabrication of Pump Skid
Headed By: Shanmuga Sundaram

Schlumbeger ordered pump skids to be fabricated and deployed to Sakhalin, in the Russian Far East. The system has to be robust to withstand extreme climate conditions with harsh winters going down to -20° celcius and hot summers ranging above 25° celcius.

The skids were specially designed per end user’s stringent requirement and in accordance to DNV 2.7-1 specification. They were fabricated by our Singapore team and certified by DNV. Care was taken for compliance to all safety measures. The skids were then blasted to SA 2.5 prior to the application of a 100µm of Zinga. The Zinganized chequered plates were then welded onto the skid; the welding joints were then grinded and coated to Zinga to ensure corrosion protection. The structure was further top-coated with 80µm of Schlumberger Blue PU Topcoat.

The mist coat followed by the full coat technique was used during the Top-coating process.

The pumps and valves and other fixtures were put together in an assembly line onto the skid so as to complete the project. Further tests were done on the project to comply to quality and safety standards before being shipped to the client in Russia.