Cross-Cut Test

To Validate the use of Zinga via a Cross-Cut Test in Labuan (May/June 2019)
Headed By: Gurmit Singh

At the request of Petronas Carigalli SDN. BHD. (PCSB), the Zingametall team headed to Labuan in Malaysia to prepare a Test Plate to validate the adhesion of ZINGA and ZINGA + PU using the Cross-cut method (ASTM D3359).

The initial surface preparation included setting the test-plate and dividing it evenly to test various surface preparation methods using Hand-tools and Power Brushes to overlay with Zingaspray, Zinga by Brush and the PU-Topcoat.

The surface preparation on the corroded Test Plate was done in accordance to ST2 (Hand-tools) and ST3 (Power Brushing). ZINGA was then applied by Zingaspray and ZINGA by Brush. The PU was coated by roller using the mist coat followed by the full coat technique was used during the coating process. Following the coating process, the Test Plate was left in the open yard exposed to the sun and rain for two weeks before the Cross-cut test was executed to validate the adhesion of the coating to the substrate.

The final results were positive and validated the use of ZINGA for corrosion protection in accordance to Petronas PTS 15.20.03 (M1-B & M1-D).


Cross-cut Test Validating use of ZINGA