SMRT CD Doors – Tiong Bahru MRT Station

Rehabilitation of SMRT CD Doors in a Singapore Train Station
Headed By: Shanmuga Sundaram

The SMRT Civil Defence (CD) Doors was installed 30 years ago and were corroded and required rehabilitation. The SATBLast Vapour Blasting machine was deployed to site at the train station to remove all coatings to bare metal. Hot works including cutting and welding were required during the rehabilitation process to restore the doors to their original condition so as to perform the functionalities they were designed for.

Zinga was applied to protect the door from corrosion after proper surface preparation (SA 2.5). A third party surveyor was engaged to conduct NDT tests to validate the structural integrity of the rehabilitated doors. A warranty of 10 years on both workmanship and corrosion protection was extended to SMRT. Due to the complexities of the job, the project was completed within a 4-month timeframe.

SATBlast Vapour Blasting Machine with Compressor and Generator Set

Handover Report

CD Door Initial state with Zinganisation Process

As of February 2018

After Zinganization

CD Door Inspection One Year Later

Surface Preparation before Zinganization