Every year corrosion is costing billions to the industry. This corrosion doesn’t merely make the assets appear neglected, more importantly, it causes structural instability and consequently poses a serious safety hazard. It also causes severe disruption of the production process and thus profitability.

ZINGA differentiates from other anti-corrosion methods in combining both Passive and Active protection in an easily applied film galvanizing system that not only delivers active cathodic protection but also provides a passive physical shield.

ZINGA – Corrosion Protection with Experimental Evidence


NSF Certification

ZINGA is proud to announce that has been officially certified with a “NSF” Label by the National Sanitation Foundation since 2019! We at Zingametall believe in creating products that are not only a benefit to the public but to the environment as well.

Being NSF Certified ensures that Zinga meets the very strict requirements for the Food Industry.

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Green Label Certification

Zinga in Singapore has been officially stamped with a “Green Label” by the Singapore Environment Council since 2015! We at Zingametall believe in creating a greener living environment with our products, reducing the impact on our earth.

Zinga is beneficial to not only the structures it’s put on but also minimises the impact to the environment as well! Let this continuous effort be our proof towards environmental conservation and corporate responsibility.

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PMM 1010700

SWEC Code 15.20.03 (M1-B/M1-D)

After 3 years of extensive testing by Center of Excellence (COE) from the division of Petronas, Zinga has been deemed as an approved product to mitigate corrosion for Front Line Maintenance (FLM); for Petronas and all upstream operators in Malaysia.

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ZINGASPRAY – Product of Belgium & Packed in Malaysia!

We are very pleased to announce that in order to maximise operational efficiency by capitalising on increased effectiveness of transport and logistics, we are now producing ZingaSpray in our specialised facility in Malaysia! This allows us to meet the continually rising quantitative needs for ZingaSpray in an organised and productive manner.

ZingaSpray is actively being used to mitigate corrosion issues for upstream assets. By carefully curating operations in Malaysia, we were able to meet the volumetric demand of Petronas, ExxonMobil, RepSol, EnQuest and others not only in that region but, in Brunei and Indonesia as well. There are active Distribution and Warehousing operations located at Kuantan (West Malaysia), Kota Kinabalu (Sabah), Miri, Serawak, Brunei and Indonesia.

A client’s order is processed and delivered within a quick turnaround with a guaranteed product.

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Front Line Maintenance (FLM) using Zingaspray

ZINGA in professional literature

It is important to carefully position ZINGA in the broad spectrum of protective coatings.

To give decision makers the vital background information needed, information on ZINGA is published in professional literature on a regular basis in different countries all over the world.

A recent example can be found in the UK magazine ‘tdhrail’ (page 19-20):

Click here for Article TDHRail, March 2018, Issue 67 ZINGA ARTICLE

Click here for full magazine.

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ZINGA – A Quick View


The film galvanising system ZINGA® combines many advantages: an active or galvanic protection, a passive barrier protection and an easy application. In order to offer a galvanic protection, a zinc concentration of at least 92% has to be present in the dry extract. Having 96% of zinc in the dry film, ZINGA® certainly meets this condition. ZINGA® offers an excellent active and passive protection:

  • The Zinc provides active, cathodic protection through galvanic sacrifice.
  • The barrier, provided by both the zinc oxides and the binder ensures a passive protection.

In case of mechanical damages or in case of expansion and shrinking of the metal due to temperature variations, there will be no formation of rust whatsoever.

For more information on ZINGA, please explore our website or contact us.



We hereby confirm that in 1987, we started a maintenance programme of our pipes, where ZINGA was used as main anti-corrosion protection. Up to this moment (1999), there has been no need for any maintenance, which proves that ZINGA is a very good long term corrosion protector and cost saving system.

“We appreciate the operating facility of the products and the behaviour of the above mentioned system until now, which is why these products were promoted for other projects of OMV Petrom SA.”

“It has been 10 years now since we began to renovate successfully numerous paint installations in our plants of the Renault group (UGB, LHA, SOVAB, MCA, …) and this thanks to the support and advice of the engineering company EAST.
I would like to confirm herewith that the re-metalising product ZINGA is, in some cases, a keystone system.
This system allows us to make considerable economies.”

We see your coating system as a practical and economical solution for this purpose, as it ensures the on-going integrity of substation gantry and transmission tower strength.

Acquisition of Abraclean (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd.

Another milestone in providing a Turnkey Solution to our Clients!

Abraclean (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd. is a state of the art, fully operational blasting and coating Yard; with a management team of 97 years with knowledge and experience.

The following depicts some of its operational assets:

  • It sits on 16,000 square metres
  • Two Horizontal Autoblast Machine
  • One Vertical Autoblast Machine
  • One Manual Blast Chamber
  • Four Overhead Cranes 
  • Forklift with a capacity of 10 Tonnes

Here is our YouTube Channel Link!

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Official Agent for SATBlast Vapor Blasting Machine – South East Asia

Zingametall (Singapore) is appointed as the exclusive agent for the SATBlast Vapour Blasting Machine in South East Asia. This machine can be deployed on-site to perform dustless blasting for structures prepared to SA 2.5 or better, especially for Zinga. This ensures the structure is prepared and protected from corrosion to attain the minimum 10 year warranty. The machine has been used by some of our clients like; LTA, PSA, SMRT, Fagioli and others.

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Corrosion protection is a growing market

The protection of steel using different surface coatings has been a practice ever since steel was more commonly used as construction material in the world. Analysts believe that protective coats today represent sales of over nine billion US dollars per year and that this figure will have increased to fifteen billion within less than 5 years.

Click here for the full article on corrosion protection!

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